This painting is an expression of desire for safe, open spaces; refuges. A place where authenticity, heart and respect are expressed. The painting in the picture's size is 10x20" and is painted using acrylics. Replicateable in 7-10 days, but not garanteed to be exactly the same as shown. In future, this may be avalible as a print.

This painting is a one of a kind unique expression of my heart and expriences. With its purchace, you will help support the dreams of an emerging artist. The price is based on the reccomendation of another artist in Australia prior to my begining to sell my own art. Shipping and tax included in price. 

If you want a refund, than please return the painting via mail in a conciderate way with a emailed image of your shipping receipt. Then, an e-transfer will be sent to you with the cost of the painting orginally paid, minius the cost of return shipping. Thanks for your support and interest!

Safe Refuge