Thoughts On Gallery 33 Paintings Fall 2020

As an emerging local artist, I have the honor of showcasing some of my art at Gallery 33 in Thunder Bay. This page is intended to journey with the viewers of these pieces and share some of the story surrounding each one.

Original Art Title: "Treasured Heart Seeking" Substance invisible yet of priceless value Heart depths beyond word expression Hopes, dreams, joys, sorrows and fears Through it all there is treasure within

Hidden in darkness and often unseen to the human race Full of potential and adventure Glory of God when we are fully alive. You are a unique and Priceless treasure Sought out and being wooed by the one who gave us life.

Original Art Title: "Mountain Home"

The Northern lights and the whole natural world are beautiful. I especially love the awe and majesty that comes with seeing mountains in person. As well as a clear night sky away from the city lights. Original Art Title: "Water Level Adventure" Recently, I was blessed with family time at camp. At the end, I jumped into a kayak and got to glide along the water. The perspective on the water, adventures and refreshing during that time inspired this piece. Original Art Title: "Floating and Asking "What is True?"" In the spring, I found myself asking "What is true?" while experimenting with new was of expressing my artistic voice. That question and the thought that I have been just floating through life inspired this small, textured piece

Original Art Title: "Birthday Horror" Those that are or have been caught in sex trafficking are on my heart. Earlier this year on my birthday, I realized that there are people and children out there who are caught in situations that are not worth celebrating. They are caught in a horror story. Either trapped physically in a place or manipulated into giving their sexuality away for a price. I personally believe that this is wrong and not the life we were designed to have. This painting is to help raise awareness that there are other people going through painful and horrific things that are far from an enjoyable life. Original Art Title: "Wide Open Space" Those who have survived sex trafficking and other horrors are in need of a safe place to heal. A safe location and community are vital. Places near the natural world have been known to benefit individuals who are hurting, struggling and experiencing inner pain. At the end of a movie called Priceless on the topic of sex trafficking, there is ranch where women are invited to go to find themselves after living a life in prostitution. It was this scene, in part, that inspired this painting. Original Art Title: "Healing Rain" As an artist who has gone through dark times of brokenness and found a door of hope, I wanted to express that. Especially now when so many people are going through hard times. The hope I have found is a daily, personal journey with our creator God through faith in Jesus Christ. I cannot deny God's power that has changed the daily quality of my life.Original Art Title: "Treasured Heart Seeking" Original Art Title: "Secret Place" The secret place in the Christian faith, I personally believe, is where we discover who our Creator God is and who we are. Identity. Purpose. Original Design.

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