The Gamaclese- An Original Short Story

Updated: Apr 28

The Gamaclese

April 27, 2021

by Stephanie Sutton

This story is about the Navy ship called the Gamaclese. How her crew fell and she sank to the bottom of the sea. In our day, this story is one we all need to hear and heed as equals in humanity. I first heard this story from Lady Wisdom, who was there when it happened. When she shared it with me, Lady Wisdom was saddened by the memory of the crew’s ignorance of her. She had been there to guide them and see all safely through disaster, but the crew refused to listen.

Trouble for the Gamaclese began during the crew’s training. When they were taught in basic training to only watch out for themselves, for in the end, that’s all they had. Count on and trust no one else. “What foolish thinking!” Lady wisdom told me.

As training wore on, the crew tested one another constantly as they interacted. Rubbing one another the wrong ways and bringing the worst in each other out. As they all lived for themselves and refused to watch each other’s back.

Those seen as weak were weeded out quick. Other’s left voluntary because they could see that the philosophy of their trainers was going to kill them all. They saw that the trajectory of this team was destruction and listened to the shouts of Lady Wisdom.

Some tried to stand up to their trainers, who refused to listen. For they were destroyers themselves; pure evil and refused to reveal the truth. Those that left, sought training of a different sort, from those whose hearts were pure. Guided by Lady Wisdom and the awe of our Creator.

Upon the first and last sail of the The Gamaclese, the crew’s problem became apparent. The ship itself was built with hidden rooms, passageways, doors, stairways and secrets. Rumour had it that there was hidden treasure aboard The Gamaclese. From day one, crew members began looking for it because of their own selfish gain. Believing that finding it would allow them to retire from the Navy rich at an early age.

One day, a fierce thunderstorm came; the rain beat the ship. As usual, crew mates off duty were searching for the treasure aboard in the secret places. While the ship was being tossed in the waves, it was being torn apart from the inside out in their fruitless search. One crew member tore steps off as they crawled up to the main deck. Forcing her crew mate to jump three steps.

Others in the hold used dynamite in the search for an access to the secret areas of the ship. Blowing up their sleeping crewmates next door. The blast also destroyed the ship’s ability to be powered by electricity. On the bridge, the captain tried flipping the light switch and found that the power was blown. So, he jumped ship into the one person sub towed by The Gamaclese. Right behind him was his first officer. The two man fought each other for control of the sub and drowned in the sea. Each attempting to claw their way to the surface by climbing up the other.

When Lady Wisdom first told me this story, it was over a cup of coffee. She looked at me and said “Those men wanted to rewind and do it all differently. But there were no reruns or do overs. I tell you this story that you may learn something; how important your beliefs and perspective are. For they impact every area of your life and how you interact with others. Think, do you live more like the Captain and his crew? Or the ones who listened to me and saw where this training was headed. Those who refused to follow that crooked road.

My child, if you are not careful, your life will be like that of The Gamaclese crew. Senselessly lost to destruction because you refused to listen to me, Lady Wisdom. All because you only look out for yourself and live by your own experience based understanding.

The ironic thing about The Gamaclese is that each member of the crew was equally a part of the treasure that the ship carried. With the loss of each life, that treasure lost part of it’s value. My child, will you allow me to train you in how to live well?”

Author’s Note: In case you were wondering, the inspiration for Lady Wisdom is from the book of Proverbs in The Bible. I share this story because of the vital lessons within it that we all need to ponder as we live.

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