Connecting With God Through Creativity

Personally, I connect with God through creativity by way of pictures in my imagination, feelings and processing life experiences. Sometimes getting ideas for a project from Holy Spirit while I am out walking or at work. I consider art to be part of my ongoing journey and relationship with our creator God. At times, art is for me a faith declaration of the truth of what God has spoken, even though I had not yet seen the promises come to pass. Expressing hope and trust in an unseen yet loving God. Who is perfect and unlike mankind who can lie.

In the creative space with Holy Spirit, I have permission to be myself before God (in rawness) and freedom to make mistakes.

Sometimes, my art is also an expression of who I am in Christ and God's original intent for my life. The creative process also reflects how messy life can get, yet partnering with God is how beauty is exchanged for ash in a daily walk. This concept of co-laboring or partnering with God has been presented to me by Matt Tommey. Bellow is an expert from his blog post called "What is Prophetic Art?"

“Your imagination is a part of your being that interacts with the movement of God within you.” - Matt Tommey

Partnering with God is through the choices we make; both internally and externally. The key lies in our imagination and thought process. What we choose to focus on in our thought process will produce fruit in our lives. However, not every thought leads us into God's kingdom on the earth. What we choose to look at and see powerfully impacts how we see and perceive

in our minds. If we are not careful, the beliefs we canary can potentially be smoke and mirror fear. I will leave you with this thought from Dr. Caroline Leaf's book Switch on your brain "We were made for love and we learn fear."

Bellow is "Safe Refuge" by Stephanie Sutton 2020 Acrylic on Canvas.

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