Book Writing Excerpt

An excerpt from a novel that I am writing:

"As the sun rose over the horizon, Tina stretched and stepped out into the hospital hallway with her bag. In the nearby waiting area, Nate was sitting with blood on his shirt and staring down at his hands. He appeared in shock. "Nate, what happened?"

Nate looked up at her with tears in his eyes. "Ethan and Aaron were shot; Josh and I found them in time. Aaron and Ethan are both in emergency surgery now." "Whose blood is on your shirt."

"Aaron's." Tina sat down beside Nate on the sofa. With out a word, Tina opened her arms to him for a hug. Nate accepted and cried in her arms. "I forgave him for hurting Trent. He and Ethan were talking about Jesus as they waited for help to come. What a way to celebrate coming home into the kingdom." Nate's voice dripped with sarcasm and emotion. Tina know how close Nate was to both Trent and Ethan. The bond of brotherhood between them was strong.

Tears slipped from both of their eyes, as Tina reached over and gave Nate a hug. There were no words to express the emotions both were feeling. In that instant, Holy Spirit brought comfort to each of them through the faith of the other. Neither of them were alone; they were a part of God's family. Who in the midst of pain and sorrow, is doing something glorious.

In a dream, Trent sensed the Lord Jesus approach him from behind. Placing a hand on a hand on the top of his head. Trent felt electric power from God flow throughout his entire being. He heard the Lord Speak; "Arise and shine with my glory. Your time has not yet come to return home."

Father then spoke, "I love you dearly my son. I am proud that you have humbly chosen to walk through life with me."

Trent's eyes shot open. He was in a room at the hospital; hooked up to IVs and machines. His mouth burst into a wide goofy grin. Full of thankful praise to God! His mouth started thanking the Lord for everything He'd done. For every blessing seen and unseen. The wonder, mystery and glory all round. "Thank you God for children and for Starbucks!" "

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