The art of Steph's Beauty 4 Ash Studio is inspired by life experience and my heart coming into alignment with the God of the Bible's heart. Discovering intimate partnership with this Creator God in daily life by faith in Jesus Christ. Beauty 4 Ash Studio is metaphorical of God's promise to bring abundant life out of pain.

To separate who I am as an artist, faith in God, my art and personal journey as an artist is impossible because they are all intertwined. With every passing day, realizing that they are deeply connected with one another. In part through my involvement with Matt Tommey's Created to Thrive Mentoring program and community.

In 2011, I discovered a love for acrylic art in another community context away from my home town. In the years following that, art became a healthy outlet for my own painful emotions that came from how I processed my childhood experiences. A safe place to be my true authentic self and discover God's heart/promises over my life on the earth. Both in the studio and in daily life.

However, my heart was hard and distrusting towards God; even though I grew up hearing about the Holy Trio. (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as depicted in the Bible.)
In summer 2014, I finally recognized God's loving hand and patience in my life which I'd been refusing. Yet graciously offered again and again a new life/identity. The imagery caused my heart to brake and choose to receive God's extravagant love for me for the first time. Immediately, my hard heart became soft and tender. In such a way that I was truly able to love and be loved.

Now, the journey of partnering and intimacy with Jesus continues every day. As I discover what it means to come in alignment with God's kingdom on the earth as has already been done inside of me.

I do not claim to have all the answers, or be able to change anything in other's lives. But I can share with you experience-heart inspired art and trust that Holy Spirit will reveal to you the one God who made all things.

Random note, I love listening to For King and Country.
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Some pieces are inspired by a new experience (such as kayaking), a picture, question, emotion, song, story or past experience.

Pieces are available to purchase on this website for delivery through Canada Post; shipping is extra. Including a thank you from me as a storyteller artist.

I invite you to take a look at the shop for my art pieces that are currently available to order from my home studio in Thunder Bay, Canada.
Woven Heart Patch