The name Steph's Beauty 4 Ash Studio sums up this; by faith simply walking out who God made me to be as an artist. Discovering and learning through play as an artist. Expressing the depths and lessons of life through creativity. 

By far, I have not figured everything out, but have discovered contentment in God's cultivated setting.

Back in 2011, I first discovered a love for acrylic art. It became a healthy expression for my emotions that came out what I now recognize as my internal paradigm. In the following years, beginning to see God's love in the mist of what had been a painful childhood. Hearing promises from God for my life on this earth.

Slowly, my hard heart began to discover that the God of the Bible who I grew up hearing about actually
kayak process.JPG
can be trusted. Whose nature is unlike what I thought because of how I processed my past. God's patience with me over the years displayed a love which melted my heart when I dared to accept it for the first time.

To separate my relationship with God, identity as an artist and the art that I create is impossible for they are intertwined because I create with my creator.

This website is a where I will share some of my journey and showcase artwork from Steph's Beauty 4 Ash Studio. Again, based on God's promises and design over my striving to earn. For I realize that I could never earn what God has already placed inside of me.
Some pieces are inspired by a new experience (such as kayaking), a picture, question, emotion, song, story or past experience.

Pieces are available to purchase on this website for delivery through Canada Post; shipping is extra. Including a thank you from me as a storyteller artist.

I invite you to take a look at the shop for my art pieces that are currently available to order from my home studio in Thunder Bay, Canada.