Learning how to exchange the ashes of painful experiences for the beauty for fullfilled dreams.

Beauty 4 Ash Studio

This is the studio of an emerging artist from NW Ontario, Canada. With a larger vision in the area of growth and community. 

Often as people, we admirer those who persevere through hardship into a place of thriving, strength and wonder. Those that pursue passions dispute the cost. Personally, I view this

Many of us ask "Is there more to life than this ?" This studio is part of the answer I have found as a resounding "Yes!!" For more on this topic, visit the blog page.

Stephanie J.- Emerging Thriving Artist

Every artist has a unique voice and style that is unlike any other. Each one holds significant value and is not to be compared with any other. Every artist has a time period of discovering and expressing their unique voice and style through art. In my case, I have been translating my own life's experiences of  exchanging beauty for ashes into  unique art work and  stories.


Every piece of artwork or story starts with an idea. Stemming from an experience, story, feeling or adventure.  From there, it is nurtured-cultivated in the heart and imagination. Then, sketched in my sketchbook before the painting process begins. Sometimes taking hours of time, energy and resources before the final product is finished.

The layers of color and detail often go on one at a time.  With one glace, a viewer can see a masterpiece. What they are unable to see unless first hand revealed is the process by which that masterpiece was created.


I am personally on a journey of discovering and expressing my own unique voice as an emerging artist. In the process, getting connected with a bigger vision and global community. Together, learning to live life as an adventure and intentional life style.

My unique voice as a visual artist and a writer is that of a story teller. I love  getting my hands messy with paint and experimenting with techniques. Most of my experience has been with acrylic, but I have started to experiment with using dried paint for texture. Along with mixed media that I have seen other artists use. I realize that making space for refining my artistic skill does not happen by accident.

Professional Info

Participating in Created To Thrive Online Courses for Thriving Christian Artists

Four years college education

Over five years working in retail

Various Volunteer Opportunities

Way more to my life's jouney! :)