Acrylic & Mixed Media ARTIST

"Art at it's finest, is a reflection of the one who created and redeems all things."


As a child, the gift of creativity in Stephanie's life was evident; A detailed finger painting that she gave her mom at a young age. One of her teachers in grade 4 or 5 thought that she would be an artist. The potential and unique voice she had was in the form of a seed at that time. 

There was a season growing up where Steph didn't know what to do with the seed and creative gift that she had. Hearing opposing thoughts and ideas about everything in life. A battle raged in her mind and affected everything. Including what she did with the creative investment that she had been given.

In high school, another teacher commented on her creativity. And for post-secondary Stephanie pursued Multimedia for three years. Completing something previously unattainable. 

In the last semester of that program, on the beautiful East Coast of Canada, Stephanie discovered a love for acrylic painting. In a youth room near the house where she was staying. Finding that painting helped her process difficult emotions and express what was going on inside.

Fast forward to Jan 2020; Stephanie discovered Matt Tommey Mentoring. Eventually entering the program and bringing to navigate life differently.







From The ARTist:

It has been said that the creative process is mysterious.  I would say that the hands create what the heart has chosen to cultivate.
Every painting and story begins with a spark from an experience. A walk, conversation with a friend, dream, soccer game, hike in nature, quiet moment or something else. It lights up my imagination with colour and hope at the possibilities. Sometimes the depths of emotion, being and desire are best expressed with paint rather than words. 

Awe and wonder love to play with paint; as I am fully free to be myself in this special place. Heart and experience come together in a wonderful dance as colours are mixed. Anticipation mounts at the marvellous experience of it all.
As the layers build, it reminds me of life. That so much has come before to make what is seen in the now. As beautiful dreams and imagination are birthed from places that once were covered in painful ash. The results are unique interpretations of the original inspiration.
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About the ARTist:

Stephanie's working career has been primarily in retail. She has also volunteered locally and overseas in many contexts. One Christmas, ground rooting with two others a play which grew as time went on.