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Steph's creative process in the place of her perverbail mental library. Where memories, thoughts, words and emotions are stored in a record of her life's experiences. These books and records are added to each day. Yet special times with family are particularly special as they learn and grow together. Discovering what it truly means and takes to live fully alive.

Painting is also a treasured time for Steph because of the bond she has with her Father and the lessons caught as they create together. For example; life, like art is full of contrasts; dark colours make light and colour pop off the canvas.


From The ARTist:

It has been said that the creative process is mysterious.  I would say that the hands create what the heart has chosen to cultivate.
Every painting and story begins with a spark from an experience. A walk, conversation with a friend, dream, soccer game, hike in nature, quiet moment or something else. It lights up my imagination with colour and hope at the possibilities. Sometimes the depths of emotion, being and desire are best expressed with paint rather than words. 
Awe and wonder love to play with paint; as I am fully free to be myself in this special place. Heart and experience come together in a wonderful dance as colours are mixed. Anticipation mounts at the marvellous experience of it all.
As the layers build, it reminds me of life. That so much has come before to make what is seen in the now. As beautiful dreams and imagination are birthed from places that once were covered in painful ash. The results are unique interpretations of the original inspiration.
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About the ARTist:

Stephanie discovered a love of painting in 2011 during a post secondary internship. In the following years, she learned more by discovery type practice and learning from other artists. Along the way, expressing her deep personal journey and emotions through art. In 2020 she discovered Created To Thrive, an online artist community. She would kindly suggest any artist read one of Matt Tommey's books.
She has taken post-secondary education, done a couple of internships, volunteered both locally & overseas, worked in retail and in offices.
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