Woven Heart Patch
Unique art interpretation inspired by heart, experience and storytelling.

Steph is an emerging artist in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Paintings are made per order via the Contact page, where you are put directly in contact with the artist. Paintings are available for pick up or delivery (additional charge).

Steph's Creative Journey

Stephanie had an interest as a child in creativity, yet she allowed fear of not being able to do it or being good enough to hold her back from going anywhere with it. She fell in love with acrylics in 2011 at the end of post secondary on her internship. Loving it so much that she experimented on cardboard.

In the following years, painting became a safe haven for her to express her deep feelings of pain and struggle with metal health. Some paintings came from the place of hoping for more in life and an attempt to agree with the Christian values that her parents taught her.

Yet the inward struggle still continued. Major turning points came when she asked God to reveal the more than this in life and received His love for her by choice for the first time. Learning to think-believe-live differently in life has been a journey. A slow turning large boat a times. But she discovered the keys of choosing agreements and forgiveness by faith in Jesus. 

Creativity is a way to fulfil the "God Code" mentioned in one of Matt Tommey's The Thriving Christian Artist podcast conversations. God code described in it as:

Connection with God
Connection with the land
Connection with others
Connection with self

Stephanie has a desire to serve her local community, family, friends and region through art. She has a vision of a local studio/gallery in Thunder Bay, Ontario. With resourced painting that is as natural as possible. Recognizing the need to take care of and steward the earth in which we live.

Soon, some painting and prints will be available at a new gift shop in a rural township outside Thunder Bay, Ontario.
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